Paper Train: Traffic App Reviews

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Paper Trains

Fun and challenging

Its okay.

Its tough to get 3 stars, you have to boost, stop trains and then boost right after. Its inconvenient to not be able to hold the boost while stopping and starting the trains.


This game works better on a smartphone than on a laptop because you can use several fingers to multitask simultaneously. Its also a great game for learning to see and anticipate. Full marks in every aspect!

Good fun

Entertaining when you have time to kill

Its great

Takes lots of practice though enjoy the rails

Lots of fun!

Reminds me of the original airplane flight games when the iPad first came out. Quick, balanced fun.. Well worth a buck.


Surprisingly boring. Trains move unnaturally, pick up speed too quickly and dont slow down while turning.


Not that fun.

Pretty fun

A good game to waste some time, worth a dollar.

A proper replay type game

This is one of those games that you will lose a lot at. At the same time though this game doesnt throw micro transactions at your face, begging for money. Nor does this game have any ads. It is a simple traffic, arcade style game with trains. If there would be something I want from this game, it would probably be a level editor and electric or diesel trains rather than just steam trains. This is a great game, that I would recommend to a lot of people.

Very Challenging AND Entertaining

Whats so great about this game is that it is both challenging and entertaining. There are more than a hundred levels to try to achieve three stars on. Its a hard game to stop playing!

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